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Talent Development and Professional Placement Firm

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Simon+James is the consultative high touch talent development and professional placement firm that is agile in approach, technical in execution and encompasses a candidate centric model at the core of all we do. We have assembled a collection of proven best practices across all of our industries sub categories and have bundled it all together in a seamless offering. We've taken time to rethink everything.

.02Simon+James Manifesto

How We Roll

The candidate

is at the core of all+we do

We strive to improve the client+candidate experience

by building a better interaction.

We value face+face engagement

over the uninspiring metrics.

We are consultative+technical in our discovery

and candid+coaching in our guidance.

We are putting the technical

back into technical+recruiting.

We are Agile followers

that believe in individual+empowerment and seek continuous+improvement.

We practice servant+based leadership

governed by extreme ownership+transparency.

.03Our WHY

Why We‘re Doing It

With over 20 years of experience we continue to see gaps that prevents our industry from evolving; too transactional, a lack of technical knowledge matching our customers and a one size fits all mentality. Combined with these gaps is our belief that the industry will face it’s most disruption in the very near future. The good news is that there are best practices that work across our industries sub categories that we believe can be adopted into a seamless offering and allow us to focus on our absolute core, the candidate.

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