Agile Recruiting Framework

Agile Recruiting Framework

S+J believes in an agile approach to talent placement. Adopting an Agile methodology to facilitate the recruitment process allows for greater project flexibility and efficiency, where both the recruiters and the hiring company can monitor and provide actionable feedback at any stage of the process.

Typical Agile Frameworks

Agile has its roots in software development, as a means of simplifying the project management process. The approach simplifies the workflow of software releases by breaking down deliverables into manageable sprints, or work cycles, with continuous review and feedback from project owners and their team. Since its inception in 2000, the Agile framework has proved a successful management process for a wide variety of tasks, far beyond the development space.

Agile Recruiting Framework for Teams

When applied to the recruitment process, using an Agile approach keeps both hiring managers and recruiters involved in the planning and review stages of each hiring sprint. Recruiters are able to iteratively adapt their approach based on the measured success and manager feedback at each completed sprint, making each round of hiring more efficient as the process continues.

Agile Recruiting Framework for Single Recruiters

The Agile approach does not necessitate a team setting. A single recruiter can leverage ARF both to structure the daily workload and set stakeholder expectations with  a consistent schedule.

Agile Recruiting Framework for Agency Teams

ARF can be particularly beneficial to organizing and prioritizing multiple projects within a larger recruitment agency. This involves maintaining daily sprints and reviews within the recruitment team itself, as well as ongoing planning and review between agency representatives and clients. By committing to an Agile structure, recruitment agencies are able to provide tailored, efficient services to multiple clients with enough flexibility to adapt to new client requests.

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